Jewelry Care

  • ALWAYS remember to remove your jewelry before bathing, exercise, swimming, sports activities or using abrasive cleaners and chemicals.
  • AVOID applying products such as perfume/cologne, lotion, hairspray or oils directly to your jewelry, instead, apply those producuts prior to putting on your jewelry. Since your jewelry is made using gemstones and other sensitive materials, certain chemicals in these products may damage the finish of your jewelry.
  • DO NOT stretch bracelets to put them on or take them off, instead, make a 4 with your fingers and roll them on and off, this will help prevent overstretching.
  • CLEAN your jewelry after each wear using a soft cloth, to keep it looking its best. Do Not not use a paper towel, tissue or abrasive cloth as this can cause scratches and damage your jewelry.
  • STORE in a dry environment such as a jewelry box, plastic, organza or cloth bag to avoid scratching and damage.